10002838_10201450535739869_837508124_nAs the tagline goes, @Curvyswan where every-woman is beautiful , Classy and Loved, That is exactly what we strive to provide when you come to shop, because it is a female clothing brand that was created for a beautiful, classy and loved woman of the world.

Curvyswan was founded in April 2011, It is a Registered and Trademarked Clothing Label, recorded with the UK Patents Office, So with that , the women who shop at Curvyswan are guaranteed originality and products of the highest quality.

Curvyswan has a team who makes it happen with Ms Adel Kaseke as the CEO and Head Designer of the brand. A blessed mother and entrepreneur who has dedicated her time to design and create beautiful clothes for the beloved classy and curvy woman.

The term Curvyswan was birthed after Adel searched high and low to find a suitable name for her clothing business and Curvyswan describes the Curvaceous nature of all woman and the beauty that is depicted by the swan bird of the water.

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